Shameless Website Plugs

I figured it would be good to mention the websites that help me make my beer:

HomeBrewTalk - www.homebrewtalk.comlinks-HBT
Here is where I can have any questions answered regarding anything to do with brewing. From here is where I was able to formulate my hardware setup to be suit my needs. There are many helpful and active contributors to the site (myself included) that answer questions fast and are very welcoming to newer brewers. Hands down the best forum for homebrewers.

Austin Home Brew – www.austinhomebrew.comlinks-AHS
I buy most of my ingredients from AHS. They have some of the better prices and shipping is always cheap if you order over $100. They also combine your grains into recipe bags so you don’t have to worry about mixing or measuring when you receive them; a big help for multiple batch brew days. I do typically like to use my local homebrew shop for yeast purchases, though, because of the refrigeration required.

Beersmith – www.beersmith.comlinks-beersmith
The only brewing software I have used, and I don’t see the need to try any others. It helps me to create new recipes and to keep them withing the guidelines of the specific styles (i.e. color, ABV, gravity, etc.). It also lets you customize your brewing setup so all calculations it makes pertains to only your specific hardware. I am able to track my batches and easily keep notes associated with each of them. The creator, Brad Smith, also has a podcast that is a great tool to learn tips for homebrewing. Well worth the purchase price (plus there is free trial to be sure its the right fit for you).


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