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“Go Have A Beer”, The signoff of this great podcast is what I call a great call to action!

“BeerDownload is the only podcast that pits beers head to head in a tournament style competition to find out which beer reigns supreme.” (from the About Us section of

I have been listing to Steve and Matt for about as long as they have been producing

BeerDownload and am increasingly excited for each new episode to hear their thoughts and ponderings on the two (though usually more) brews they bring to the table and about the beer culture in general. Their general layout is similar to the NCAA basketball tournament, just on a much larger scale, and about BEER!

A number of my favorites have made it on to the 2nd and even 3rd round; Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Wild, and Bell’s Two Hearted Ale among others. I’m very much looking foward to seeing what beers make it even further. I’ve taken a handful of recommendations from which ones have advanced, and from ones that just made it into the tournament, which have been very helpful when I am staring blankly at the giant fridges at The  Fridge, my local craft beer supplier.

If you really like learning about different styles of beer and different craft breweries across the country, it is really worth a listen. Kudos to BeerDownload!

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